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Caregivers With Aging Parents

I encourage Caregivers with aging parents to talk with their parents while they are mentally competent, and clearly understand end of life issues with written copies of Advance Directive/Living Will and Power of Attorney. Yes, there are parents and children who may be uncomfortable or afraid to approach this important, necessary and meaningful subject for Advance Directive/Living Will of Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation, Intubation, Gastrostomy Feeding, Transfusion, Antibiotics, Burial vs.Cremation etc. Power of Attorney is important, only used while your parent is alive and unable to handle his or her own affair. Once your parent die the Personal Representative your parent appointed will be in charge to handle everything. Addressing difficult issues with resolve, ultimately leaves you with a peace of mind. The final decision, are the wishes of your parent, it is not about you.


Adults, today, give some thought about writing an Advance Directive/Living Will and Power of Attorney for Finance.